Multiworks directors have been involved in environmental remediation since 1995 and have developed a reputation for meeting stringent and internationally recognised environmental standards.

With over 25 years of experience in dealing with complex contaminated sites, Multiworks offers a wide range of remediation services to infrastructure owners, developers, industrial landowners, state and federal authorities.

When undertaking diversified environmental, construction and engineering projects throughout Victoria, Multiworks has the experience to negotiate with federal, state and local government departments, infrastructure authorities and community stakeholders to help navigate the complex requirements placed on contaminated land.

Multiworks has been involved in returning sites to financial viability, and environmental sustainability with a range of contamination issues such as ex-landfill, underground fuel storage, asbestos, heavy metals and hydrocarbon impacted soil.

Our Capability

  • Management and disposal of hazardous materials including asbestos, mercury, PCB’s, acid sulphate soils, lead, chemicals, hydrocarbons, PFAS and biological hazards
  • Asbestos roof and building element removal and replacement
  • Contaminated soil and sludge remediation and treatment
  • Bioremediation - landfarming, bio piling and co-composting
  • Underground storage tank removal
  • Erosion, sediment control and environmental management
  • Encapsulation of contaminated materials both on and off-site
  • On-site wastewater management
  • Earthworks and benching
  • In-ground and above-ground pipeline removal and replacement
  • Asset security (including fencing) and maintenance
  • Oil-water treatment systems and tanks
  • Stockpile management and material tracking
  • Repository construction and concrete capping
  • Hydroseeding, revegetation and landscaping
  • Odour, dust, vibration monitoring and control
  • Civil engineering and construction services including concrete structures and hardstands, piling, drainage and underground services