Local Jobs First

With our extensive experience working in regional and remote sites across Australia, we appreciate that whilst we will contribute to the local economy, we can do more to support the local industry and community.

Multiworks is committed to putting local businesses and workers first. We do this by making sure that regardless of where the project is located, local, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are given full and fair opportunity to compete for contracts of all sizes and types.

Services we require:

  • Construction professionals
  • Construction materials
  • Subcontracted construction services
  • Plant, equipment and facilities hire
  • Accommodation and catering

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A Local Industry Development Plan (LIDP) is a key document in the delivery of our commitments to Local Jobs First. The size and complexity of the LIDP required for a project will reflect the requirements of the specific project. The document will detail how Multiworks will engage with local industry, and also detail clear commitments to local content and jobs to be delivered as part of a project.